My daily DEV-routine

Getting up early 🦉

I work at a company where I am able to begin my work at the time I wish to start. So my alarm rings on 6am and I'm ready to work at 6:30am.

WHAT THE HELL, why do you get up early, if you also can sleep until 10am?!

Because I think, the earlier you begin, the earlier you can end. I love my work, that's not a problem! But if I can finish my day earlier, I can do more after it. I hope, you understand it (of course, you don't have to like it).

Quick overview ⏳

SETUP: first thing I do: start my MacBook (if it was shut down, it took some time to boot up) and make myself a cup of coffee. I check my mails (thankfully there aren't as much, yet) and check out our company-website (we have a Community there) for some news of my colleagues. After that, I start my Terminal, my IDE, Apple Music, maybe Docker or a Windows VM (for IE11, yes, it is 2020 😉).

After these steps my cup of coffee often is empty (sadly most of the time after 30 seconds) and I'm awake to really start the day.

WORK: Typically I have some open features to implement. In the morning it's the best time for me to write code. Because none of my team mates is available at the time, I do not have any meetings (until 9am). Because my IDE is already open, I am able to dive into the user stories to write the correlating features. Most of the time I work with with music on. Sometimes I love classical songs, sometimes I like Electronic, sometimes House. While programming I love Infected mushroom and Shpongle, there awesome!

After coding for two hours, sometimes the meetings begin - I need to stop, make me a coffee and talk to some other people about the projects, speak about architectural things - some of those stuff. 🤓 Most of the days, the meetings are until 12 o' clock. Then mostly I get some food and make a short break.

After this break - back at work - I'm ready to continue programming. Sometimes I get it into the flow, unfortunately sometimes not. But most of the days I get it into it and manage it to forget the time.

SHUTDOWN: When my workday has reached it's end, it is time to close all the applications and to push my code (if not done already). Really easy.

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